Clarification Text

Clarification Text for Security Cameras and Video & Photo Shoot at Wyndham Hotel during the International Conference on Real Estate Development and Management 2023


This clarification text has been drawn up by Ankara University Real Estate Development and Management Department as data responsible; to meet clarification obligation within the scope of the communique on procedures and principles in accordance with the Article 10 of Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698.

Security cameras record pictures and videos in order to ensure the security of the building on the service area of the conference hall, foyer area, waiting hall and floor corridors in the Wyndham Hotel building, where the International Conference on Real Estate Development and Management is being held. The recording process is supervised by Wyndham Hotel.

Video and photo shoot of participants and audience at the same areas mentioned above; are performed by conference staff for the purpose of sharing on social media accounts of International Conference on Real Estate Development and Management. Participants and audience may send their declarations and consent regarding video and photo shoot through red (I don’t want any photos and videos to be shot) and green (I allow photography and video shooting) labels at the congress application stand. Likewise, if the participants and audience are in the left part of the conference hall according to the speakers, no video and photo shoots are performed, and if they are in the right part video and photo shoots are performed.

The aforesaid personal data is processed automatically on the basis of the legal reason that “it is compulsory for the data responsible to fulfill his legal obligation” and “it is compulsory to process data for the legitimate interests of the data responsible on condition of not to violate fundamental rights and freedoms in accordance with the Article 5 of the Act.

Such personal data and camera recordings are not shared with any real person or legal entity and are not transferred to any other institution or organization at home or abroad. Only, may be transferred to the judicial authorities or relevant law enforcers through data profiling or without identification of the data owner under regulatory requirements for settling legal and criminal disputes or if demanded in accordance with the relevant legislation

Requests, within the context of Article 11 of the Act which regulates the rights of relevant people; abide by “Communique on Procedures and Principles of Application for Data Responsible” may be forwarded to the e-mail address which was used for your audience and participant confirmation.