The Conference will take place at Wyndham Ankara Hotel

  • Distance from the airport: 35 km
  • Distance from the city centre: 9 km



Wyndham Hotel has an indoor car park and offers valet service for guests.


Wyndham Ankara’s location is indeed strategic, just 15 minutes from Kızılay and Tunalı Hilmi Street, it is very well connected with Ankara public transportation network (bus and metro) and with many taxi options all around.

From Esenboğa Airport (Click to see the map)

Airport Shuttles

After your arrival at Esenboğa Airport, to go to the city center, you can use Havas services from their bus stop in front of Domestic-International Lines Arrivals Floor. Bus stop is on the right side of entrance. Buses do not have fixed schedule and depart according to arrival times of flights. For detailed information about Havas Services visit the website

Belkoair Buses offer services every 30 minutes from 05:00 a.m to 00:00; and every 60 minutes from 00:00 to 05.00 a.m. For detailed information regarding bus line 442 which make a ring tour of Airport – ASTİ – Kızılay:

Airport Taxi

If you wish to use a taxi from Esenboğa Airport, for detailed information: 

From AŞTİ Terminal (Click to see the map)

It’s possible to reach conference venue from AŞTİ (Ankara Central Bus Station) by taxi or metro. It takes around 5 minutes to arrive Wyndham Ankara from AŞTİ.

From City Center (Kızılay) (Click to see the map)

From Kızılay it’s very easy to reach conference venue by Metro 2 line. The nearest metro station (Söğütözü) is the 3rd station of Kızılay-Çayyolu line.

Ankara Railway Map


On this page you will find relevant information about: 

Official Language



Turkey Time (TRT), is a standard time which is 3 hours ahead (UTC/GMT + 03:00) of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Credit Cards

Visa and Master Card are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants. You will find an ATM on nearly every street.

Electrical Appliances

The voltage in Turkey is 220 volts. Plugs are European standard with two round pins.

The Climate

The average annual temperature in Ankara will be between -5°C to +5°C in February.


You can reach currency information from:

Important telephone numbers

Country code for calling Türkiye is +90
Emergency number 112 is your life-saving number!
112 is the Turkish emergency phone number, available everywhere in the Türkiye, free of charge. You can call 112 from fixed and mobile phones to contact any emergency service: an ambulance, the fire brigade or the police.
Ambulance Service: 188
Fire Brigade: 110
Police: 155

COVID-19 Restrictions

With the decision of the authorities of Turkish Republic, as of 01.06.2022,

1- Submitting vaccination certificate for Covid-19 before entering Türkiye and
2- Submitting negative PCR or rapid antigen test results for Covid-19, which was requested for passengers who were not be able to submit vaccination certificates, requirements have been cancelled.

There is no requirement of vaccination certificate and/or pcr or antigen tests.

Wearing a mask on international flights to Türkiye is at the passenger’s discretion.

Passport Terms

A passport valid for at least 60 days after the expiry of the visa, visa exemption or residence permit period or a document that replaces a passport is requested from foreigners who come to enter our country.

Example A: A foreign visitor holding a 90-day visa must have a passport/travel document valid for 150 days (90 + 60 days/5 months) to enter Türkiye.

Example B: A foreign visitor holding a 30-day residence visa must have a 90-day (30+ 60-days/3-month) passport/travel document to enter Türkiye.

The provisions of international agreements and special laws to which we are a party are reserved, and the following items are out of the scope of application:

  1. Citizens of countries whose list is registered in the link below, traveling with their identity cards within the framework of the European Agreement on Travels of Persons between Member States of the Council of Europe;
  2. Holders of country passports registered in the link below, which are considered valid for certain periods even if their terms have expired;
  3. Holders of Diplomatic, Special and Service passports, which are classified as official passports in the Visa Regime Table.

You can reach the detailed information from:

Tourist Information Desk at Esenboğa Airport

The people at this welcome point will help attendees with the transfers and all logistics. There are shuttle bus departures from the Esenboğa Airport to the city center and central bus station everyday.

Getting around Ankara


Ankara boasts a quick, safe and efficient public transport system of metro, buses, night buses and taxis.

Ankara’s metro system connects 5 lines. Metro runs between 6.00 am. to midnight on both weekdays and weekends. 24-hour bus service is available with 112 services on 29 night service routes.

Applications to “Abonmankart” can be made online from Card Processing Centers (Kızılay, Akköprü, Dikimevi, Beşevler and EGO General Directorate), 197 kiosk devices throughout the city, 436 dealers and 30 ANKARAKART counters. You can also pay with credit card. You can check the details about  bus routes at:



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